Bioconductor Carpentries global teaching program

Bioconductor Carpentries global teaching program

Author(s): Maria Doyle,Jenny Drnevich

Affiliation(s): University of Limerick

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Bioconductor became a [member of The Carpentries in August 2022]( As a member organization, Bioconductor is allocated a number of seats for the Carpentries instructor training program. So far, [18 community members]( have been selected to attend the instructor training. These instructor trainees are working with the Bioconductor teaching committee to develop and teach the three sets of Bioconductor Carpentries training materials: 1) Introduction to data analysis with R and Bioconductor, 2) The Bioconductor project and 3) RNA-seq analysis with Bioconductor. On behalf of the [Bioconductor Community Advisory Board[( and [Bioconductor Teaching Committee](, we will host a birds of a feather session to give an update on this program and discuss future plans.

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